#ReshapeTheFuture Through Education

Education is one of the most important needs of a child in order to have a brighter tomorrow. Today, we learned how nutrition goes hand in hand with education. Aside from keeping our children healthy, it is important that we put them in the right school that would suit their needs.
We learned more about the different types of schooling, after which we had break out sessions with our chosen type of schooling, so that we could have more of our questions answered and hear more from other co-mommies’ thoughts.
1. Traditional with Teacher Vida Alvarez – Teacher-centered, doing lectures to students, telling them what they need to learnd, requiring them to memorize, do homeworks, and projects.
2. Progressive with Teacher Gabby Limjoco – Child centered approach, learn led and active play
3. Montessori with Teacher Leni Sanchez – Learning is a process. It is determined by the child’s speed in acquiring a skill before moving to the next level. It is common that 2 year olds are in the same classroom setting with a 4 year olds.
4. Homeschooling with Milona Barraca – Parents choose to educate their children at home instead of sending them to a school. Usually kids develop a routine that is similar with what they have in a traditional school.
5. Unschooling with Laksmi Maluya – Unschoolers are life long learners. They learn a lesson because it is needed in a given time and circumstance.
In nutrition, it is never too late to start having our child eat healthy by giving them the right kind of food and the right kind of milk, which is NANKid Optipro Four for us. With that,, a promising future awaits. It was an eye opener to me, especially when it comes to Coco’s nutrition. I was punched right into my face during the talk about the importance of eating the right kind of food. Because really, I just let Coco eat whatever – as long as he will eat RICE. As I’ve mentioned in other blogs, Coco is a picky eater. But because of this, I learned how important it is for him to actually eat a more nutritious meal.
For our children’s education, we know them better, we know what they’re skills are. We know that whatever institution they will be in for the next decade of their life, it will be part of how his future will be reshaped.
And it is up to us parents on how we will ensure that the best is given to them.

We were also tasked to right a letter for our #DearFutureChild..

Dear Future Coco,

I’m amazed on how you have become and I still can’t believe that you are what you are today. Up to now, I’m still at lost if where you are now is where you are supposed to be. I wanted to give you more, but due to some circumstances I couldn’t. But I am sure no matter where you are and what you do, your success will always be on YOU alone and it is also on US, your parents.
To achieve this, I should have an optimal mindset especially with your nutrition. Mommy and Dada is quite guilty for just giving you whatever for as long as you will eat rice.

From now on, I promise to encourage you to start eating healthier because your being healthy and reshaping your future goes hand in hand, as we go through day to day in learning more about life, that will shape you to the man that you will become in the future.



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