#ReshapeTheFuture Through Education

Education is one of the most important needs of a child in order to have a brighter tomorrow. Today, we learned how nutrition goes hand in hand with education. Aside from keeping our children healthy, it is important that we put them in the right school that would suit their needs. We learned more about... Continue Reading →

NANKidPH Takes The NANMoms to A #ReshapeLabTour

It was a privilege to be part of this very exclusive NANKid event yesterday, Reshape Lab Tour with my co-NanMoms. My takeaways, as they toured us around the globe ✈ 1. AUSTRALIA| Protein helps in muscle building. But too much protein causes overloading especially for kids. Yep, that's why we have optimized protein in NanKidPH, remember that... Continue Reading →

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