NANKidPH Takes The NANMoms to A #ReshapeLabTour

It was a privilege to be part of this very exclusive NANKid event yesterday, Reshape Lab Tour with my co-NanMoms.
My takeaways, as they toured us around the globe 

1. AUSTRALIA| Protein helps in muscle building. But too much protein causes overloading especially for kids. Yep, that’s why we have optimized protein in NanKidPH, remember that LOW PROTEIN LEVEL but with GOOD QUALITY is better!
2. EUROPE | NANKid Optipro HW is clinically proven to reduce the risk of allergies. It is backed up by science! So, choose a formula that is clinically proven with strong scientific evidence.
3. AMERICA | We all know how super sized their meals are compare to ours and how it usually causes obesity in both children and adults. Excess sugar could not only lead to obesity, it could also lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, fatty liver and tooth decay. So here, here! As endorsed by the American Academy of Pedriatics, “serve milk with zero added sucrose” Lo and behold, we don’t have sugar in our NANKid!
4. Last stop is our home, Pilipinas nating mahal | We now have an idea with the amout of sugar the Americans consume, but we all know that, us Filipinos consume more – HELLO RICE!! Carbs! Did you know that children 3-5 years old’s most consumed food are #2 Sweet Bakery Products and #1 MILK. Alarming right? TOO Much sugar! NanKid only has natural sugar, which is Lactose.
NANKid is backed by the best valid EVIDENCE, EXPERT opinion and clinical EXPERIENCE. All of what is above are for our children’s protection in the future, and what NANKid has to protect our children today is Probiotics for stronger immunity.
NANKid promises an optimal milk for our children’s optimal growth and nutrition. And together with us, parents we ensure that they are well in body and in mind! Let’s Reshape The Future together with NANKid Optipro Four!

@GlamYen | @DaryllFashion | @Pylar_Nathalie | @ModernMommaPH | @CamillePatio @_TheEllaBella_ | @TheLovelyLeigh17 | @Athalia_The_Doll | From NanKid fam Apple and Gian | @MrsHGAtayde @SolanaAtayde | @Ayra.And.Amara.withMama and me, @WanderW0m0m

Thank you for always having us, NANKid family. We only did not learn more about the milk our kids our taking, but really we had so much fun with you as well!


Sneak Peak:


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