Lea Salonga Shines in her First Laundry Musical with new Ariel Instashine

Globally acclaimed artist and Filipino icon, Lea Salonga, stars in her first-ever laundry musical – “When I Shine With You”, telling the story of her most iconic pieces of clothing and how they keep shining anew.
This one-of-a-kind musical also featured performances of Lea’s The Voice mentees – Esang de Torres, Mica Becerro and Lea Patricio as they relive her journey through some of her memorable clothes in the past.
Every piece of clothing has a story to tell. This musical is quite nostalgic as it takes us on a journey down memory lane by telling the story behind some of her most treasured clothes in her iconic roles – as Annie in 1980, as Kim in 1989 and as a new mom when her daughter Nicole was born in 2006.
Digital parenting icons Maggie Wilson, Kelly Misa and Cat Arambolo recalled their meaningful experiences through clothing pieces that are now like what they once were – shining and new.
Lea Salonga is now the ambassador of the new Ariel Instashine, the world’s first detergent with Power Boosters – the next generation of detergent that promises to make old clothes look new again in just one wash.
The new Ariel Instashine is the most recent laundry detergent innovation from Ariel that was launched in June. It provides superior cleaning and stain removal in just one wash backed by its power booster beads that help make clothes look new again.
We launched the new Ariel Instashine in the PH market in high hopes of addressing 6 out of 10 unmet needs of Filipino laundry consumers – most of which seek superior cleaning and fabric renewal. As with our commitment to transform the laundry detergent industry, we also hope to bring inspiration through keeping clothing pieces valuable and timeless like Lea’s iconic pieces from her roles as Annie, Miss Saigon and as a mom,” concludes P&G Country Category Manager, Laundry Philippines, Ray Pine.

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It is a long ongoing journey for Lea filled with milestones that continue to give pride to our country. Ariel celebrates this true Filipino icon as she shines for all of the Filipinos here and all over the world.

To find out more about When I Shine with You, the new Ariel Instashinne and how you can make your old clothes look new again in one wash, follow the hahstags #NewArielInstashine, #InstaBagoIn1Wash and #WhenIShineWithLea online.


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