My First Mother’s Day

There were no bouquet of flowers or cakes and chocolates. But what made it special was my husband came home right in time for “my day” (since he was out of town for work).

This year, I am finally and legitimately part of this celebration. Few years back, I was greeted because I am second mom to my still growing lovable godchildren (currently at 22). Today, I am greeted by family and friends because I am now a MOM to my dearest chuychuy, Coco.

We visited my In-laws during lunch time to spend time with them, especially since it is Mother’s Day. But Coco was just asleep the whole time we were there. Wala tuloy pakinabang si Coco.

We had mass at Greenbelt Chapel, but because Coco’s starting to get fussy and hungry, I had to go somewhere to breastfeed him. PS. I’m disappointed with Greenbelt, there’s no breastfeeding station (unlike with SM Malls). I had to breastfeed Coco in the restroom, luckily they have a sofa set in GB4 restroom. It was just so hot, since there is no aircon in that area.

Then we had dinner at Cafe Mary Grace – with my favorite Classic Carbonara and Margherita Pizza and Classic Ensaymada for dessert.

Vic, my sister’s boyfriend also has a gig there. He was one of the singers for the night. So we also watched him sing.

That concludes my first Mother’s Day. How did you spend yours? Hope you had a great one, too!

PS. Who would have thought I was breastfeeding in this picture? Hihi.. Using the Saya Baby Carrier as Nursing Cover
Happy Mother’s Day to all my mommy readers (meron ba? hehe)!


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