Breastfeeding: A Winning Goal

Funny how I attended a breastfeeding symposium today, when I have been exclusively breastfeeding Coco for the last 17 months. And before I gave birth, I never really attended any breastfeeding/preggy talks nor read about breastfeeding online. I only gained “knowledge” through what my mommy friends where talking about or a few posts that I read in Breastfeeding Pinays FB Group.

Today it was fun being with my girls friends, preggy mommas, Danica and Mitch. Sayang sana sabay sabay na lang kami preggy para sabay sabay kami nagpupunta sa mga ganito. Sayang also, hindi din kasama our 2 other girlfriends na preggo din, Ana is almost giving birth while Lourdes is still in her first trim. Level up na kami, mommyhood and babies na ang usapan. hehe!

Anyway, we headed to SM Aura’s Baby Company branch. We registered and took our seat. It was already starting someone from Pro-lacta was speaking. We were given snacks and drinks as we were waiting for the next speaker.

While they were having games for ice breaker, I was having a foot massage. Yes, they have free foot massage!

Then, next speaker was Ms. Priscilla Meireles-Estrada, who shared about her experiences as a mother to her daughter, Anechka. As well has how to maintain her beauty, glow and figure even if she is now a mother. The most remarkable line she said was “Be the best version of yourself and don’t compete with anyone.” I totally agree.

A representative from St. Luke’s Global City’s lactation unit talked about a few details of breastfeeding, size of a baby’s stomach and also unang yakap protocol.

L.A.T.C.H., a breastfeeding advocate group, also shared important things to remember about breastfeed like how it is like bonding with your child, that it is love in action, the risk of formula feeding, how it is important to exclusively breastfeed for the first 6 months of the babies life, that you should practice feeding anytime, anywhere, how to increase the supply by feeding on demand, baby’s tummy size, that it is important to breastfeed during the baby’s first hour, to be educated during pregnancy so you’ll know almsot everything you’d need to know by the time you give birth and more!

After that, Ms. Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio inspired us mommies with her story in how she coped during the first few months of her baby, that breastfeeding wasn’t as picture perfect as what she thought from what she sees in promotional ads but she didn’t give up and she strives hard despite of the breastfeeding problems she encountered. Now she is really confident in breastfeeding, anytime anywhere. “Don’t let the opportunity pass, because one day, they wouldn’t want your breasts anymore” says Mommy Rica, teary eyed. She couldn’t even start to think of the day that Philip will stop wanting her breasts. She dreads that day.

That I can really relate with. Truth was, I didn’t really have a hard time during the first few weeks of breastfeeding. I think the worst that happened to me was that my back hurt really bad. That was that. Until now, my milk is really adequately flowing, with what Coco needs. Honestly, I get pissed when he wouldn’t let go of me when I really have loads of things to do. But then I’d just chill and think that time will come when he’d not want me anymore, so I’d just hug him tighter, until I’d fell asleep too. In the end, I won’t get things done. Yikes.

So, anyway, I don’t have plans of weaning him yet. It’s up to him to when he’d stop. I’d surely dread that day. I might even get depressed. But hey, he’s a growing kid. I’ll have to think of new ways to bond with him when that time comes.

So, yeah, that’s sums up the talk for today and we took home loot bags from baby company of course, plus MamaChow goodies!


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