KidzVille, Podium

This is how my little boy looked like upon seeing the entrance of KidzVille, with matching “Oh wow! Oh wow!”.

Jai (@themommainheels) organized this playdate with other IG mommies. So while waiting for the other kids here is Coco with Audrey (of @keziah_ciscar). They really want to start playing already, but we were still waiting for the others.

Basically, it is like a little village made for kids where the can play pretend (encourages role playing as well as social interaction). There is a mini hospital, mini fire station, mini grocery, mini school, mini cafe, mini barn and more.

On the other side, is the Play Maze, which is equipped with colorful slides, a pool of balls, a maze and a tunnel like an obstacle course (uhh.. I don’t have pictures of the play maze)

As you can see, from start to finish, the lil boy is fixated with the cars. He didn’t want to interact with the other kids. He is so busy with his car. I carried him out of his car and brought him to the Play Maze. He still didn’t interact but at least he wasn’t just moving around and trying out the different areas of the maze. He also played with Aubrey at the Ball Pool.

But at least before his time was up, he already started to interact with the other kids and played with non-car related toys.

What I like about KidzVille is that it’s very well-maintained and clean. There’s always an employee around picking up the toys that are scattered in the floor and is not in use.

Although the price might look expensive compared to the others, I found it sulit or just right. Kidzville is a 2-in-1 play center that consist of an active gym and a mini village. Other mall-based play centers offer only an active gym or a mini village but never both.

We are definitely going back here and we are looking forward to another playdate with the cousins.


Eat before you go and bring a bottle of water.
Bring extra clothes for the kids. They will get really sweaty from playing.
Bring socks for yourself and for your child. If you forget, you can buy socks from the reception.
Weekdays are best. We went on a weekday evening and practically had the whole place to ourselves!


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