Breast is Best

We all want the best for our babies, that’s a given. It is my choice to breastfeed my son. I don’t care if no one will support me, but thank God people who surrounds me supports me. I’m proud of myself for giving him the best gift that he could ever receive his entire life. Breastfeeding is a choice. And that’s what I chose for my son.

Before, I always thought that breastfeeding is as easy as 1-2-3. BUT it is not. You have to latch him correctly. You have to make sure you have a adequate supply. You have to endure the pain. You have to do this and that. So many things to do and remember, but it didn’t discourage me from choosing the other path.

I was really clueless about things to remember, to know when you breastfeed until I join my mommy group last August. I just knew that as long as I am able to feed my baby, that’s it. Yun pala hindi.

I’ve always known that breastfeeding is the best choice for our babies because of its health benefits for him. They give the best nutrients that their body needs. They will protect our babies from viruses especially during the first weeks of their life. No constipation. It is easy to digest.

For my part, I eat more since I need an extra 500 calories a day but my body will burn them while breastfeeding and I will be back to pre-pregnancy shape (or 2011 sexy bod) in no time.

When I go out, I don’t need to bring a big bag full of bottles and milk. I just have to pull up my top and latch Coco. No preparations needed.

When feeding, especially at night – I don’t need to stand up and prepare his milk. I can also sleep while feeding. No need to be awake at the wee hours of the night.

Benefit for me and baby? We create this special bond that only him and I can understand.

For the daddy – More moohlah! Imagine a large can of milk can only last a few days. And how much is that can? 700PhP? 1,000? Mommy’s milk is always available and it’s free! Now let’s do more shopping!

Consequences?! Yes, there is! It is time consuming. We have to feed baby, especially the newborns at least 2-3 hours interval. If he cries and he is hungry, just latch him, and you didn’t even finish your chores. Since baby is breastfed, you can’t be away from your baby. Unless, you express your milk and baby drinks it from a bottle. But Coco doesn’t want to drink from a bottle. hay.

Despite of that. I wouldn’t trade breastfeeding my Coco for anything. After all the pain I have to endure during the first few weeks, I am now able to feed Coco with arms wide open – now looking forward to every session. Unlike the first few weeks, that in all honestly, I dread it because of the pain I felt.


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