Sleepy Bye-O, Lullaby Baby-O

Since Coco was born, I expose him to different types of music and sounds.

TV Sounds, because I always watch TV.
Different kinds of music genra, what ever was playing in the radio at night, sometimes, even Papa Jack speaking, because Jhe listens to those at night.

But of course, I let Coco listen to music appropriate for him.

When he is awake, I play him the downloaded nursery rhymes from years ago. As well as the free CD from Baby Company’s Grand Baby Fair, “My Favorite Baby Tunes”

When I put him to sleep, he listens to:
1. Disney Greatest Love Songs – of course, Coco should be a Disney baby like mommy. He loves listening to this and to other Disney songs in our ITunes.

2. My Baby’s Music Box – Instrumental-fast beat nursery rhymes that I use for him to lull him to sleep.

3. Bless My Little Boy

These are sweet lullabies for little boys. Coco’s favorite song is “Sweet Baby Boy”, where in he coos and sing with my every time this is playing or I am singing it. Usually, after he sings this with me he falls asleep, otherwise, he sleeps by the time the 7th song is through.

As early as 2 months, I could see that Coco has interest/appreciates music. Manang mana sa daddy niya. Hope he could sing well when he grows up!


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