Join the Upcoming Hakab na! 2017!

The best flash mob I’ve ever seen on TV is not some popular actor proposing to his longtime girlfriend, or those dancing prisoners, but a huge group of breastfeeding mommas flashing their breasts all at the same time, feeding their little ones in an event called Hakab na!
bfphakabnaYep, I was a breast feeding momma. No, unfortunately I haven’t been to one, but I saw it in the news every year. But yes, I am always, always for breastfeeding your babies for at least the first 6 months of their life. Better if beyond that, actually.

Hakab na! is an event organized by the Breastfeeding Pinays (group that I was also a member years back) in relation to the Breastfeeding Month (which is every August). It has been happening every year since 2013 and since then more and more mothers has joined the event, thus every year the venue gets bigger and bigger. It is also in coordination with the Big Latch On (an international community)’s event where in breastfeeding mothers will simultaneously breastfeed their babies all at the same time at around 10:30 in the morning. There will also be Hakab Na! areas (Like Davao, Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Olongapo, etc) all over the Philippines for those who want to join but will not be able to go to Manila.

BUT the main event details are as follows:

Hakab na!’s 5th year will be on August 5, 2017 – Saturday – 8 AM to 4 PM at the Smart-Araneta Coliseum in Cubao Quezon City.

Hakab na!’s main goals are to normalize breastfeeding, spread awareness, educate Pinay mothers (all mothers, actually!) and protect breastfeeding. I remember breastfeeding my now 4 year old son, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE! Wherever I was, whoever I was with, I didn’t care, for as long as my little boy is full, happy and satisfied with his dear momma’s liquid gold.
cocobfingWe may have weaned already from breastfeeding more than a year ago – when he was exactly 3 years old – but it doesn’t stop me from being a breastfeeding advocate and from helping the community which I was a part of in promoting breastfeeding through my friends and family. View all my breastfeeding related posts here.

There will be lots of informative talks, that is why I also encourage even pregnant mothers to join the said event. You will definitely learn a lot from it. I swear. Wag tayong maniwala lang sa mga sabi sabi, mas maganda yung informed ka, please educate yourself. There will also be a mom and baby bazaar and other fun family activities that even your other family members will enjoy. Yes, not to mention the loot bag – be early it will only be available until supplies last!

Register HERE!!!!!

Registration fees are as follows:

P150 – mom and baby pair (member of a tribe)
P200 – mom and baby pair with no tribe
P250 – mom and baby pair – walk in
P50 – pregnant ladies and all other companions of registered participants 13 years old and above

For more information and inquiries, PLEASE VISIT THE Hakab na! 2017 Main event page.

So, come on mommies all over the Philippines and all over the world, let as all help each other by spreading this advocacy and get together and show everybody how it is done, Hakab na!

PS. A little bird told me that Marian Rivera-Dantes is coming!

(Hakab na! photo came from the official event page of Hakab na! 2017.)



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