Kids Happy Time Playground

Didn’t know that there’s a play place at The Venice Grand Canal Mall until today. Anyway, the only time I went here was last year, during one of Hi-5 Philippines’ mall show. The mall wasn’t even open yet, and most establishments inside were still close.

My friend Karla and her family are here again. They were staying in BGC so we ought to meet up here for a change. We were roaming around the mall, looking for a play place or an arcade, and luckily we found Kids Happy Time Playground.

First impression? Refreshing. It’s bright and happy. It wasn’t crowded given that there were quite a number of both adults and kids scattered around the place for a weekday at that. Very clean, lots of activities can be done, so child won’t focus on just one activity. But there’s a lot of unused space where they could have turned it into something else. There’s also a swing set that is not fixed in the floor, that’s why when a child uses it, the body of the swing kept on moving forward.

I am not really sure why we weren’t able to use the locker, or if the locker has additional payment. Because when we were placing our stuff inside one, the staff called us out and just asked us to place our stuff in the floor area beside the cashier.

I find the pricing fair enough, given that it is already for a child and an adult. Some play areas have additional fees for the adult that is accompanying a child. Don’t forget to ask for the card that will give you a free play on your 10th visit.

You can also celebrate your child’s birthday here. But you can only bring snacks and it will be placed near the locker area. Packages are inserted beside the entrance fee photo.

Yep, I’d definitely recommend KHPPlayground to families visiting The Venice Grand Canal Mall. Don’t forget to bring socks (or you can buy from the cashier!) Coming back soon!

Kids Happy Time Playground is located at the 2F The Venice Grand Canal Mall, Mckinley Hills, Taguig | 0956-683-5285 |


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