Become an Inspiration to other Moms. Check!

Many find my son’s big chubby cheeks and ball-like structure adorable, and that’s because of me exclusively breastfeeding him. He weighed 7.5 lbs when he was born and is already 14 lbs now that he is 2 months and 2 weeks (which is the average weight of a 4 month old baby).

So while waiting at the doctor’s clinic a few days ago, another mommy with her 2 month old baby daughter saw my son and tuwang tuwa sya kay Coco. She asked what his milk was and thought it was Enfalac. My mom told her that he is breastfed. This mommy then told us that she didn’t have milk that’s why she isn’t breastfeeding her daughter. My mom told her that I didn’t have milk right there and then, but because of my determination to only give my son breastmilk, I did everything I could to increase my milk supply – which happened around day 3 or 4 of my son’s life. She then asked me questions and stuff and I gave her tips on what I did (feeling expert!). After their turn with the pedia, we were still in the waiting area of the clinic but was already about to leave. She then told us na by next check up, her baby will be bigger because she will try her very best to breastfeed her.

Another mommy, in my instagram, always likes Coco’s pictures. Then she starts commenting on how cute Coco is. Then she asked what his milk and some other stuff. She also said that “sana her unborn child will be as chubby and healthy as Coco”. I told her that it is possible through breastfeeding. Then she also asked me lots of stuff and I also gave her tips (again, feeling expert!). She told me that she will try her best to exclusively breastfeed her unborn child when she comes out.

I hope I was able to help, inspire and motivate these moms to try their best to stick to their goal to exclusively breastfeed their child. I pray hard that they won’t give up easily.

Special thanks to my Mommy Group (B2Q2013) for some of the info/tips I learned through the 10 months that we’ve been together, even if it’s online only.

If you have questions on breastfeeding, on what helped me with my milk supply, what helped me when I got sore nips, etc. etc. Just leave a comment and will answer back! 🙂


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