Laundry x Cloth Diapers

Lesson 4:

Coco consumes 7-8 disposable diapers (sposies) a day, and it still depends on the number of times he poops! The convenience of sposies – remove and throw to the bin.

But how will it be for the modern cloth nappies?

I am aiming for at least 2 days worth of CDs for CD laundry day, maybe max for 3 days. I don’t want our bathroom stinky, yah know! Also, to avoid the risk of having mildew.

What to do after a diaper change?
What I do: After removing the nappy from baby, remove the insert from the shell, 1) if pee only, no need to rinse; 2) if soiled, rinse first then toss it in the pail.

On laundry day, rinse the nappy first before tossing them inside the washing machine. Add enough detergent. Rinse properly and line dry.

Never use fabcon and anything with bleach and enzymes for the detergent.

Some use Smart Steps, Charlie’s Soap, Cycles and Tide Original. I use Human Heart Nature Tough Love Laundry Detergent (you can order from my via Coco’s Corner).

If after washing you can’t remove the poop stain or wee smell, just line dry it under the sun, it will work it’s magic!

More about the Modern Cloth Nappy here!


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