Laundry x Cloth Diapers

Lesson 4: Coco consumes 7-8 disposable diapers (sposies) a day, and it still depends on the number of times he poops! The convenience of sposies - remove and throw to the bin. But how will it be for the modern cloth nappies? I am aiming for at least 2 days worth of CDs for CD... Continue Reading →

Prepping up and Stripping your CD

Lesson 3: Why do you need to prepare your CD? To remove the left-over chemicals from manufacturing. How do you prepare your CD? For shells: Soak overnight in COLD water. Wash once with a little detergent. Line-dry under the sun. For inserts and boosters: Soak overnight in HOT water, especially natural materials like bamboo or... Continue Reading →

Why should you use Cloth Diapers?

Lesson 1: 1. Huge Savings - You'llĀ  realize that you throw your money away every time you throw a diaper and that it is always cheaper when you reuse than when you buy new one. Sposies can't be re-used. So a significant chunk of our money has gone to buying what is essentially garbage. Right?... Continue Reading →

Cloth Diapering

I only used EQ Dry diapers for Coco since he was born. At 2 months, he was already using the Medium size. I find it convenient, those disposable diapers (sposies). Remove it from him and throw it in the bin. That's just how it was for us. When there is at least 5 diapers left,... Continue Reading →

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