One month of Modern Cloth Nappying today

I started to build my CD stash last June and last month, I was already ready to exclusively use cloth diapers with Coco, day time, night time and when we’re out.

I started with 1 babyleaf CD that my mom gave me when I was half way through my pregnancy and another 1 Luvable Friends CD that I just bought during the Grand Baby Fair. And then my Alva Baby grew from 1 to 29 pieces. I thought I was done with my stash, when my mommy friends talked me to buy Sun Baby as well, so I got 4.

Days before my target start, I prepared for some necessities that I will be needing. I got extra inserts – Awesome Inserts, Hemp, Pure Bamboo, Bamboo+Microfiber and Microfiber. I also got some Wet&Dry Bags for when we go out this is where I will place soiled nappies. I also got disposable liners, using this when I need to put some bum cream in Coco’s butt. I got Tough Love Powder Detergent by Human Heart Nature for nappy laundry and a trash bin for our diaper bin. Then, I prepared the nappies – pictures taken when they are already hang up to dry.

I do nappy laundry every 2 days. I hand wash at least 15 nappies at a time. All I ca say is that it is very tiring and exhausting, but what I am doing is a labor of love.

When we go out, he just wear what he wear during ordinary days. I just change his nappy every 2-3 hours so that it won’t leak. I place them in the Wet&Dry bag. At first I was worried with the soiled nappy, that it would smell. But it didn’t.

At night time, since I normally sleep past midnight and Coco is asleep by 9PM. He would just wear his normal nappy until I sleep. When I am about to sleep, I will just change his nappy to the one with bamboo/hemp boosters or the Alva Awesome. It would last until 7-8AM.

So, yeah, we are able to save money and we are able to save the environment. hooray! I hope we’d last using these cutesie CDs for a long time as coco’s patas gets bigger. g-r-r-r-r!

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  1. Is the HHN tough love powder safe to use on cloth diapers? How’s your experience with it so far? I am currently using Champion and just knew lately that it’s a NO NO so I’ve been researching the most affordable option (VS charlies’ Cycles). Thanks for your reply!


    1. Hi Mariek,

      I’m sorry for the really late reply. I haven’t visited my blog because I’ve been busy for my little one’s party.

      Yes, it is save to use. I used it for the last 6 months of exclusively cloth diapers. It has no scent. But time came that poop stains are really hard to wash, but after a few more washes and dry under the sun, eventually they were gone. HHN is very affordable, I used 2-3 scoops and it lasts for 5-6 batches of 15 or so diapers.

      BUT eventually I moved to Tide Ultra Original scent – for a month already because HHN TL was out of stock, as well as cycles and i dont have any cd left. It whitened the inserts, easier to remove poop stains. but i just used it because i think my baby’s skin is less sensitive now that he is already a year old compare when he was younger. hope you’ll still be able to read my reply. thank you!


  2. Same question- did you experience any repelling issues with HHN? Did you have to strip your diapers to get them to be leak-free again?
    Was the Tide Original Ultra that you used the one that is locally available, or did you have to get it from the US?


    1. Hi Mina,

      I didn’t experience any repelling in HHN. I just stopped using it by over a year of using it because I have no time to go to HHN outlet and I’ve ran out of HHN already. been using tide since month 10 of using cd

      I havent stripped my nappies yet even if i have been using it for 16 months already. I just do extra rinse every laundry day.

      i just buy my tide original ultra locally.


  3. Oh, and has anyone here used Victoria’s soap? A friend recommended it to me because she said it’s a cheaper alternative to washing her LO’s clothes, but since she doesn’t CD, I was wondering if it’s CD safe.


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