Happy Half A Year, our dear Marcus Angelo!

Even at 6 months of life and another 9 months in my womb, I still can’t believe that I already have a bouncing baby boy playing and rolling beside me in my bed at this moment.

Grabe, super bilis ng panahon. 6 months ago, I was just cradling him in my arms, so small and fragile (but a very big baby) now he is all over my bed, his toys and his chubby pata and big big cheeks!

And everyday, I thank the Lord for giving Coco to me, to us..

Jhe and I spent almost the whole day at the kitchen. I cooked my very first carbonara with a little tutorial from my good friend and coco’s ninang mama deo, as well as made some mango-jello dessert.

Every month of Coco’s day is special, but today is even more because he has already lived for half a year – thus the celebration, coinciding with my mom’s birthday.

Coco – you charming little boy – got lots of crazy antics that he loves doing every single day. He just loves playing with his feet, held up high and then, he would eat it. Sometimes, he likes it more than my milk. LOL. I finally was able to spoon feed and cup feed him with my expressed milk, which means he would soon be ready for his solids. He loves playing and swimming in his tub, with matching dapa pa, splish-splashing and making me wet. Assisted, from lying position, he could sit then stand up straight. How could I forget when I woke up from my sleep and found his little arms wrapped around mine? *tears, my heart melted* I guess, he already outgrew being camera shy, because he now knows how to smile when he sees a camera pointing at him, or he sees his face in the ipad screen. He lulled himself to sleep and tried to crawl. He could sit down dow a few seconds, unassisted. Got his first colds. 😦 He ate some few solids – sweet potato, breadstick, graham and danish cookie. And lastly, another heart melter, his first words, “Mama!”

This little boy amazes me every single day. let’s see what he’ll do this month! Can’t wait to witness his many firsts!

I love you more than life coco bear!


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