BLW Day 1-3: Squash

During Coco’s 6th month of life  he entered into another milestone in his life – introduction of solid food and I’m feeding him the Baby Led Weaning way.

Actually, this isn’t his first taste of food. My aunt had him taste an Oreo cookie when he was about 4 months and halfway through his 5th month, he was given a small amount of boiled sweet potato, was handed a bread stick and watched what he’s going to do with it, tasted some graham cracker as well as danish cookie.

Now, it’s different, he will be eating with us from now on.

I couldn’t find any avocado for his first solid food because it is already out of season. I even went to Divisoria for it, still, nada!

So, if not avocado, i wanted to give him a veggie and I chose to give him Squash for his first!

DAY 1 – September 26

When I placed him in his booster seat and I was about to put his squash cuts in his tray, he was grabbing the bowl from me. Nagmamadali lang? Also, I showed him that I was eating, so that he will imitate me. But the daddy was pasaway with my BLWing and sinubo kay Coco a piece of squash. So, I stopped the video. As that happened Coco already grabbed a piece and tried eating it. But he squished it so it fell from his hand. Then.. watch the video.

Kitang kita pa na nasamid! Hehe! Stress din pala, especially if pagma-choke. Mostly nasasamid sya when he drinks water eh.

First day is a fail. But practice makes perfect and we have all our life to eat and eat! So for now okay lang if he squished the squash!

Day 2 – September 27

Lalong dedma si Coco with his squash today. He even ignored it. He just squished it again. Then he got bored already and cried. So, I got him from his booster seat then carried him in my lap while I eat lunch. He was trying to snatch my spoon, so I gave him some of my soup and he liked it. Ooops. My bad for spoon feeding him with soup.

Day 3 – September 30

At first he was ignoring his strips of squash, until I handed him a piece. He put it in his mouth but it fell. He got a piece himself and ate it and made a funny face.

Verdict for Squash: He doesn’t like it based on his facial expression.

Day 3 is much better because of his little progress. Let’s see what happens tomorrow when I introduce banana!

Note: at the end of every BLW meal time, I also mash a portion and feed it to him. I wanted to have him taste his food as well. I’m not going to exclusively BLW him. 😀

More stories on BLW & our BLW journey here. 😀


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