Baby Wearing Momma

Baby wearing is a term that refers to using a baby carrier, wrap, or sling to keep your baby close to you where he can hear your heartbeat and feel your warmth and closeness in an approximation of your womb.


Baby wearing helps you carry your 7 kilos-2 months old baby because carrying him for a long time numbs your arms and that you easily get tired without it.


Baby wearing makes my life easier. I can use both hands when I am out, call and text and carry his bag.

Thank you to my cousin, Aina for giving this to me before I gave birth. My Saya was very useful and easy to use. I started using it when Coco was 2 months old. They still allow the kangaroo carry before, but now it is not recommended anymore. He is very used to being carried in his Saya. I usually wear him when I go somewhere by foot, or when we go to SM Mega via an FX and I had to bring his stroller, since he is being worn, I have my two hands to set up his stroller. He is too heavy for a 6 month old baby. Carrying him the whole day with or without carrier is not going to happen. I am too small for this big baby. Haha! But he loves hanging and clinging to me.

I believe there are different other baby wearing types available – like the slings or the Ergo. Try whatever would make you and your baby comfortable. I highly recommend all of you mommies to baby wear for a safer, happier baby and a relaxed, comfortable and happier momma, plus one for convenience!

I wonder how long will I be able to baby wear this big baby of mine?


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