BLW Day 4-6: Banana

Day 4 – October 1

I realized that the banana slips when you hold it, but I still tried it with Coco. I checked on what he will do with it. He was trying to hold it but it keeps on slipping from his hands.

I got a piece and let him taste the banana first so that he’ll know that it is food. He was trying to hold it but it slips. When it slipped, he just squished it. Funny how he just bowed down and try licking where the banana is.

I also tried to hand him a half peeled banana, he got it from his tray and tried eating the banana peel.

I pity him already, he really want to eat his banana. So what I did was held the banana in front of him. He got my hand, I let him control my hand with the banana.

He then pulled it towards him and then he started munching on his banana. Pinanggigilan niya talaga ang hands ko.

Day 5 – October 2

He is still having a hard time with holding the banana. But he didn’t have a hard time squishing it. He really likes to eat the banana and he was so frustrated.

Then, I got the cover of his food container and placed the banana in it. He keeps on squishing them, now it is a mashed banana. He got the cover with mashed banana and then licked and munched on the cover. Smart kid.

I also forked the banana and he grabbed the fork with banana from he and he tried munching the banana from the fork.

Day 6 – October 3

I placed a half peeled banana in his tray – cut the banana peel as well, because he wanted to eat the peel the last time.

He grabbed it and put it in his mouth. He tasted it, and bit a bit of it. He munched it. He cut it in half. He munched it, then placed it in his tray and squished it.

Verdict for Banana: Though at times he has this weird facial expression, he seems to like banana because he seems hasty and aggressive while eating it. He was having a hard time holding it though, until I figured out a way for him to eat it without slipping.

The third day for banana was a huge success, not only he was able to hold it without slipping, but also he was able to munch it and “chew” it. Hindi din sya nasamid while eating it and when he drank water.

Note: at the end of every BLW meal time, I also mash a portion and feed it to him. I wanted to have him taste his food as well. I’m not going to exclusively BLW him. 😀

More stories on BLW & our BLW journey here. 😀


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