BLW Day 13-15: Carrots

Day 13 - October 16, 2013 Coco is ignoring his food. I showed him his carrots, but he kept on ignoring it. I handed him a piece of carrot. He tasted it. He sucked on it, and a bit of it. All of the carrots that he bit, he spit it out. He didn't like... Continue Reading →

BLW Day 10-12: Papaya

Day 10 - October 11 I placed his papaya on top of his tray. He looked at it and he smiled. I talked to Coco about the new food that I am introducing him. It seems that he doesn't like it because it is cold. So I let him have a taste of it first.... Continue Reading →

BLW Day 7-9: Sayote

Day 7 - October 7, 2013 Coco-bear was a bit playful that day. He kept on slapping his tray. Then I placed his sayote in his tray. He just looked at it. I placed the tip of the sayote in his mouth then I put it back in his tray. A few moments later, he... Continue Reading →

BLW Day 4-6: Banana

Day 4 - October 1 I realized that the banana slips when you hold it, but I still tried it with Coco. I checked on what he will do with it. He was trying to hold it but it keeps on slipping from his hands.I got a piece and let him taste the banana first... Continue Reading →

BLW Day 1-3: Squash

During Coco's 6th month of lifeĀ  he entered into another milestone in his life - introduction of solid food and I'm feeding him the Baby Led Weaning way. Actually, this isn't his first taste of food. My aunt had him taste an Oreo cookie when he was about 4 months and halfway through his 5th... Continue Reading →

Baby Led Weaning Myths

Found these myths and then some in this website.. browse on it if you wanna know more about BLW. Baby Led Weaning Myths 1. Baby must be able to sit unaided to start solids. 2. Vegetables & fruit are the best first solids. 3. Closely followed by grains: bread, pasta, cereal. 4. And only one... Continue Reading →

Baby Led Weaning

I've been reading about BLW since last month. At first I was hesitant because I'm scared that he might choke or what. But as I read through stories and write ups about it plus watching videos and seeing pictures of BLW babies, I am actually convince to have this for Coco as well. What is... Continue Reading →

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