BLW Day 13-15: Carrots

Day 13 – October 16, 2013

Coco is ignoring his food. I showed him his carrots, but he kept on ignoring it. I handed him a piece of carrot. He tasted it. He sucked on it, and a bit of it. All of the carrots that he bit, he spit it out. He didn’t like his carrots.

NOT BLW: I mashed his carrot and spoon fed him. He ate some, but he spit most of it.

Day 14 – October 21, 2013

Coco just recovered from days of fever. I though he wouldn’t eat his carrots just like the first time he tasted it.

I placed his bowl of carrots in his tray and he excitedly spilled them to his tray.

He was trying to grab them but he isn’t succeeding at first. I handed him a piece, but he will just put it back in his tray.

Later on, he took a piece by himself and ate it. No spitting out this time! He munched his carrots for a while then he cried and doesn’t like it in his booster seat anymore.

NOT BLW: At lunch time, I had him taste Nilaga Soup and rice, oh boy, he loved it so much!

Day 15 – October 23, 2013

Finally ate his carrots without me handing them to him. He liked it better today than any other days.

Note: at the end of every BLW meal time, I also mash a portion and feed it to him. I wanted to have him taste his food as well. I’m not going to exclusively BLW him. 😀

More stories on BLW & our BLW journey here. 😀


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