Happy 7th Month, Dear Marcus Angelo!

Today, we just got home from your first ever out of town beach trip baby boy. You’re one helluva lucky baby. Not everyone can and is able to ride an airplane at less than a year old, nor go to boracay. I even had my first Boracay when I was already 23 years old. We love you so much that we will always bring you to places that you will surely remember for the rest of your life. You didn’t just have your first plane ride, you also had your first boat and ferry ride. You also experienced playing in the sand and wade in the water.

But today, you also turned a month older – 7 months little boy. How time flew? I didn’t even notice time anymore. Each day with you is like forever to me.

You had a few but very special milestones the past few weeks – You kissed me. You had your first solid food. You had your first taste of water. You can sit. Humahabol ka na. Marunong na magpakarga, with arms stretched! You answer when we talk to you. You know how to choose a toy that you want.

Dumadantay when asleep. You get mad already when we get the thing that you are really into at the moment – you really cry hard, to think that you rarely cry! I confirmed that you really have a crush with Anne Curtis. Nagtatampo na din when you get ignored. I noticed that you now have a more powerful emotion/feelings.

You’re one great boy Coco.


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