BLW Day 10-12: Papaya

Day 10 – October 11

I placed his papaya on top of his tray. He looked at it and he smiled. I talked to Coco about the new food that I am introducing him. It seems that he doesn’t like it because it is cold.

So I let him have a taste of it first. I thought that maybe if he tasted it and he likes it he will take the initiative to eat it after.

It took a while before he grabbed a piece of his papaya and ate it. He sipped it, and munched it. I think because it is not that cold anymore. Then he got bored and didn’t want to eat anymore.

Day 11 – October 12

Day 2 with papaya is almost the same with day 1. Today, I let the chilled papaya lose its coolness first.

After 10 minutes, I served it to Coco. It took a while before he grabbed his own papaya and ate it. He munched a little of it then he didn’t want it anymore.

I mashed a part of his papaya and spoon fed it to him.

Day 12 – October 13

Today, it’s chilled papaya again. He liked his papaya better today, compared to his first 2 days.

He grabbed it like he really loves it and he sucked on it like there’s no tomorrow.

Verdict for Papaya: Since it is the first time for him to hold a cold food, he found it strange. But in the end he still ate it. I though he wouldn’t like it, but I was wrong.

Note: at the end of every BLW meal time, I also mash a portion and feed it to him. I wanted to have him taste his food as well. I’m not going to exclusively BLW him. 😀

More stories on BLW & our BLW journey here. 😀


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