BLW Day 7-9: Sayote

Day 7 – October 7, 2013

Coco-bear was a bit playful that day. He kept on slapping his tray. Then I placed his sayote in his tray. He just looked at it. I placed the tip of the sayote in his mouth then I put it back in his tray.

A few moments later, he got the sayote and tasted it. It fell from his hand but he got it again. He bit it and it chewed that part.

But it fell from his mouth. He got the other sayote and munched it. Munched it again, and munched it again. I think he likes his sayote so much.

I also mashed some of the sayote and added some tinola soup in his bowl. He likes it so much, the sayote and the soup that he was even biting his spoon so hard, nanggigil talaga. He finished his soup and smelled like chicken after. LOL

Day 8 – October 9, 2013

Coco wasn’t a happy baby the time we had his meal time, he just woke up and he isn’t in the mood. But I still placed him in his booster seat. I placed his bowl of sayote in his tray.

He looked at it and he spilled the food from his bowl to his tray. He played with his bowl, like a steering wheel and threw it on the floor.

He looked at his sayote and then he started to grab a piece. He munched on it and put it down. He did it a few more times. I got a piece and ate one myself. I chewed it exaggeratedly to show him how to chew, so then he imitated me. He chewed on a piece of sayote that he bit.

Later on he placed his sayote on his tray and got it again. He put it in his mouth and just sipped on it this time. He did it a couple more times until he got bored and totally ignored his sayote. That’s the end of our session.

Day 9 – October 10, 2013<

And today, he played with his sayote first before he realized that it is food and munched on it.

He sipped on it, bit a bit of it and munched on it. He put it back on his tray but he got it from there again. He is “Eating!”

After that I gave him a banana and he loved it, of course!

Verdict on Sayote: He loves it. Of the 3 types that I have given him, it’s with the sayote that he bit, he munched, he sipped. I think he loved it more when I added tinola soup with it.

Tomorrow, Papaya!

Note: at the end of every BLW meal time, I also mash a portion and feed it to him. I wanted to have him taste his food as well. I’m not going to exclusively BLW him. 😀

More stories on BLW & our BLW journey here. 😀

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