Baby Led Weaning Myths

Found these myths and then some in this website.. browse on it if you wanna know more about BLW.
Baby Led Weaning Myths

1. Baby must be able to sit unaided to start solids.
2. Vegetables & fruit are the best first solids.
3. Closely followed by grains: bread, pasta, cereal.
4. And only one type.
5. Babies need bland.
6. Baby has to be exactly 182.6 days old (6 months).
7. Tongue tie doesn’t impact on starting solids.
8. Babies need water with their meal as soon as they start solids.
9. Puree on spoons is still BLW – if not you’re a purist.
10. Everything has to be in its whole untouched state, no mashing or it’s not BLW.
11. Food is just for fun until they’re one!
12. Babies have the same tastes we do.
13. BLW are slow to start solids compared to puree led and may go hungry.

More stories on BLW & our BLW journey here. 😀


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