Cloth Diapering

I only used EQ Dry diapers for Coco since he was born. At 2 months, he was already using the Medium size. I find it convenient, those disposable diapers (sposies). Remove it from him and throw it in the bin. That’s just how it was for us. When there is at least 5 diapers left, I inform Jhe so that he could buy a new pack before he goes home. Coco uses an average of 7-8 diapers a day – depends on the number of times that he poops.

Then the other day, while Jhe was still at work, I overlooked the remaining diapers in our stack. I only have 3 diapers left, and it’s just the middle of the day.

I remembered my mommy group friends talking about cloth diapers (CD). I am actually confused with its use. I have two CD’s here. Mom bought a Baby Leaf brand CD (red) when I was still pregnant with Coco. She did not even know its main use. She just found it cute. I, on the other hand, know what it was but didn’t know how to use it. I just kept it in Coco’s closet. I also bought a CD from the Grand Baby Fair in Megamall – Luvable Friends brand (blue). I used the CD one time during Coco’s first check up when he was a week old. Not as a diaper, but as his “get up”.

Going back to the day when I only saw 3 sposies left, I got one of the 2 CDs I have and tried it on Coco. Two hours after, I checked on his nappy. He hasn’t pooped yet and the surface of the nappy is dry. I thought he hasn’t peed yet. After another hour, I changed his nappy because he already pooped. I removed the microfiber insert from the nappy’s pocket and found out that Coco did pee, and it’s all in the insert! And that’s when I learned how this magic CD works! The fleece material of the surface that touches Coco’s bum leaves him a stay dry feeling, while the insert absorbs the pee, but not the poop. That’s why with those using a pocket type of system for the CD – the rule is, when the baby poops, you change. If no poop, after at least 3 hours, you change.

From that very moment, I have decided to Exclusively use Cloth Diapers (ECD) for Coco. And now, I have to build my stash as well as study all about CDing.

To be continued… as I will be posting things that I will be learning from my readings.

More about the Modern Cloth Nappy here!


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