Happy Second Month, our dear Marcus!

Month 2! Never been this proud that I’m a hands on mom to my little man. He’s such a good baby, he doesn’t make it hard for me. I’m sure that I will experience more in the following days, weeks, months, and years – I know I can and will manage.

You grew up so fast.. I didn’t even notice. You blew up from my big baby to a bigger one. Just like a balloon. Again, I didn’t really notice. For me, you’re still the same baby from the first day you came into my life. In denial.

This past month – you did and learned to do a lot of things. And it is just the start. You had your first out of town trip (baby, you’ll go places soon!). You experienced your first children’s party and all you did was thumb sucked even if I just fed you with my milk. You drank your first bottle of milk and finish all 4 oz of it (mommy’s expressed milk). You can now see us even if it’s still a bit blurry but we can now talk to you, and you even answer back with your little baby sounds. You also join by singing while your music was playing. I think you will be a singer too. I so your first tears when you had your first tantrum. But sorry baby, that won’t do. No tantrums for you. okay? You already know the “sad” emotion. You make your wawa face when ninang rissey sang “On My Own” and then you cried.

You grow too fast baby, please slow down. We have a long way to go, so let’s just enjoy every second together.

Hope you’ll love the play gym we gave you!

Thank you my baby for making us happy! I will always give you the best of the best.



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