Summer 2020 Must Have Toys

Hello Hello SUMMER is HERE! Summer for me means it is Coco's birthday and it also means TOY SHOPPING for him. Luckily we were able to take a sneak peak of the MUST HAVE TOYS for this summer. These toys are the Top 3 Most Popular Toys at the moment. Boys will love these action-packed... Continue Reading →

Is Coco Ready for Solids?

Coco is turning 6 months in 10 days and he will be entering another stage of his life by then and boy, I'm pretty sure this will be his favorite - he will start eating solids! That's why I've been reading about this stuff to prepare this little tabachuy. All I know that babies eat... Continue Reading →

Baby Shower ❤

Not your typical baby shower. We decided to gather our closest friends and family to celebrate Coco's arrival. Since I've been at home almost everyday for the past 8 months and Jhe goes to work 6 times a week, at times, he even has out of town trips for work - we only see our... Continue Reading →

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