Why should you use Cloth Diapers?

Lesson 1:
Coco in Alva 3.0 Cow Print1. Huge Savings – You’ll  realize that you throw your money away every time you throw a diaper and that it is always cheaper when you reuse than when you buy new one. Sposies can’t be re-used. So a significant chunk of our money has gone to buying what is essentially garbage. Right?

I’ll be honest: you will spending a big amount of money in order for you to be able to build your “modern cloth diaper” stash, especially if you are doing it exclusively. BUT most definitely save you money in the long run–especially if you use your diapers on more than one child!

If we take an average of what those diapers cost, that equates to between 13 to 15 thousand pesos per year per baby.  In comparison, enough cloth diapers to last for three years will usually cost between 14 to 15 thousand pesos (for an average of PhP 300 worth CD x 7/day for a week). In the span of 3 years, while using cloth diapers, you save at least PhP 30 thousand. But wait! Consider, too, that those CD may last for your next kids and your savings doubles and even triples. Of course, it is difficult to make any hard and fast statements in this regard because of the varying costs of diapers, electricity, water, and detergents. Yes, cloth diapers will usually mean an extra one to three loads of laundry a week, but if everyone were to weigh the extra costs of their electricity, water usage, and detergent, I think they would be pleasantly surprised. These costs are minimal compared to the cost of expensive disposable diapers.

2. Environment Friendly – As of the moment, Coco and I contribute 7 sposies a day, 49 a week! And we’re just one baby. What if there are 1000 babies in a certain area? How about the whole of Manila? These disposable diapers will take 500 years before they decompose. Now I could help eliminate waste. And the POOP! The poop that stays in the sposies, instead of being flushed, can be contaminated with bacteria and viruses.

3. Good for the Baby – Sposies contain chemicals that in the future could affect the baby’s health. CDs has no chemicals. Sposies may also cause rashes and UTI. CDs are washed with a fabcon-free and bleach-free detergent, so minus the chemicals again

Think about your baby’s comfort – Baby gets uncomfortable when his/her diaper is wet or soiled. Cloth diapers allow for better airflow, which helps the moisture that’s sitting on the baby’s skin to evaporate, leaving your baby drier and less prone to diaper rash.

4. They have cute prints, really fashionable. Need I say more?

Cons? Added laundry. Additional water usage. More detergent to be used. and you can’t stop from buying more and more and more. 😀 But hey! Every scrub is love love love, eh?

More about the Modern Cloth Nappy here!


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