Modern Cloth Diaper Systems and its Parts

Lesson 2:

The first time I read about these nappy system, I got confused. What are these? What are the differences of each?

1. Pockets – A pocket diaper consists of two separate pieces. The pocket is the piece that fits around the baby and looks like a diaper, with garterized legs, a closure around the waist, and a waterproof outer material. Sewn to the waterproof outer layer of the pocket is a soft layer of “stay-dry” fabric such as microfleece that touches the baby’s skin. Either or both ends of the pocket have an opening to allow the insert to be stuffed inside. An insert could be a microfiber or microfiber+pure bamboo and could have boosters for more absorbency like pure bamboo and hemp.

2. Covers – Traditional diapering method and it has two parts – flats (lampin) or pre-fold which is worn by a baby with diaper pins/clasps/Snappies. To prevent leaks, it is best partnered with a diaper cover.

3. All-in-One Diapers (AIO) – A diaper with the waterproof exterior and the absorbent interior pieces sewn together. No need to put inserts. When the nappy gets soiled, you can’t reuse, the whole thing has to go in the wash.

4. All-in-Two Diapers (AI2) – Two-piece system in which an soaker is simply laid inside a waterproof cover, which can be re-used with a fresh soaker as long as the cover stays clean. The soaker has a waterproof backing which allows you to re-use the cover.

It is advised that you should try different kinds of nappy systems and brands in order for you to find the perfect nappy for you.
Of course, since I already have a Baby Leaf Pocket since before I gave birth, I chose to use pockets.

The Parts

1. Shells/Covers – outer most layer of a nappy, waterproof and is usually made of cotton, polyester, minky or fleece.

2. Inserts/Soakers – The main absorbent layer of the nappy. May be made of several layers of organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, microfiber.

3. Boosters/Doublers – Used to add absorbency. May be made of organic cotton, bamboo, microfiber.

4. Liners – Liners: Used closest to baby’s skin, may be reusable or disposable. It prevents stains and keeps baby feeling stay-dry as it is a one-way water-resist fabric. Reusable liners can be made out of fleece (polar, coral, microfleece) or suedecloth. No need to sew sides as they do not fray. Disposable liners may or may not be flushable. Not all are stay-dry as well.

5. Wetbags – Used to store soiled nappies at home or when out. Normally waterproof as well, may be zippered or drawstring-type.

More about the Modern Cloth Nappy here!

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