#HealthIsBliss with Nutrabliss By Watsons

Before I had Coco, I thought I was already at my happiest state, what with going out with friends and Angelo and traveling here and there. It was when Coco was born that I realized that there is still that untapped happiness that one can get when a child comes into your life. Indeed, it was my most blissful moment.
Seven years later, I still get that kilig feeling when Coco hugs me or kisses me out of the blue or when he suddenly blurts out “I love you mommy” while he is playing and I am working. Blissful moments with him these days includes playing with him, doing crafts with him, reading a book with him and watching movies with him. Those are also the moments when I get to take a break and relax from work and house chores.
Because you know, it is important that we take breaks once in a while. I am not getting any younger, I need to keep up with my active boy. That’s why I’m so happy with my new partner in health and wellness that I have with NutraBliss By Watsons. I just didn’t get my skin looking and feeling younger and hydrated, I also got to boost my body’s immune system through their range of supplements, vitamins, and functional teas.
Have you tried any of these yet? I’m currently loving my Daily Collagen on my coffee! Health is Bliss indeed! You can check them out at the Watsons Website. Try them now and share your blissful moments with us!



  1. It looks like a nice product to use, their packaging looks so cute too! pink, orange, and purple! Taking care of our body and health should be a priority. I also take supplements and vitamins to boost my immunity. I only take vitamin C right now, but would love to try something else…:)


  2. I cut out on my vitamins lately & tbh parang tinamad ako haha I know Hindi dapat. I really like the mixed berries capsules and I would love to try it out! Thanks for sharing this it really reminded me na we have to do all preventative measures in terms of our health. One of it is by taking supplements!


  3. I haven’t tried nor heard of them yet! Nakakamiss na magpunta mismo sa watsons shop. I can spends hours and hours just browsing through their aisles! Hahaha! Pero yes, health is wealth! Try ko nga rin yan collagen for my coffee!


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