Be #BrowtifulAnyDay with Strokes Beauty Lab’s New Brow Artist Collection

Strokes Eye Beauty Studio, one of the Philippines’ most trusted name when it comes to world class make up artistry artistry, ventures to another product line that will not only give you brows and lashes that emanate confidence but also give you the beauty that is defined by you.
strokes (1)
It is the perfect day to be Beautiful Any Day and today, Strokes Beauty Lab has launched their New Brow Artist Collection. The products embody the remarkable brow artistry and precision that Strokes is known for and has brought to the world.

Get to know the New Brow Artist Collection here.
Join me as I re-discover the new on-fleek and redefine the real price of quality beauty through #BrowtifulAnyDay looks.

Strokes  Beauty Lab
is doing more than just catching up; they aim to be the standard, the peak and the ultimate eyebrow game-changer. With The Brown Artist Collection, Browtiful is the new on-fleek.
strokes (3)

Head over to to get your own premium brow kit from Strokes Beauty Lab. Congratulations Momoi Supe!

Follow their socials at FACEBOOK – Strokes Beauty Lab and Strokes Eye Beauty Studio and INSTAGRAM – Strokes Beauty Lab and Strokes Eye Beauty Studio

Glad that I got first dibs on these little boxes of greatness. Watched my unboxing video here. 



  1. It’s been a while since I last touched up my face haha been going to zoom meetings with just lipstick on lol pero parang kulang nga. Maybe next shopping spree ko, I’ll totally consider this! I love the packaging and it looks good on you! I’m sold haha


  2. Wow! I love ho you did your eyebrows! I will surely try this product out. I can’t believe these eyebrow cosmetics are this cheap! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!


  3. Love this collection! i tried several brow cosmetics from different brands, but I haven’t found one that I’d like to buy again. Will definitely try this. Thank you for sharing this!


  4. Ahh ayun, Momoi Supe!! I was trying to remember sino yung sikat na may ari ng Strokes. Buti na mention mo sa dulo! I only discovered Strokes because my former boss tried them before. Pero di ko kaya yung blade hahaha! Good to know they have products pala! And they’re affordable ha! 🙂


  5. Well, since may mask tayo talagang windows to the soul na ang ating mata at brows hahaha! I do wonder magkano ito pag binili mo as a set? Like meron ba siyang bundle price or something? I’m looking forward to fleek but brook shields brows and feel ko na yung pen na may very fine tip ang mapapa add to cart ko soon hahaha


  6. I want to buy all of them! Kilay is life talaga, paubos na yung pangkilay ko dito kahit nasa bahay lang dahil sa mga meetings, will try them kapag naubos na talaga ang ginagamit ko ❤️


  7. I want every single one of them! I love to fix my brows and make it look fuller so it would be really great to purchase a product or 2. Walang makakapigil, gusto ko talaga yung Brow Colorist!


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