Let’s Smell the Difference with DOWNY Expert Antibac

You know I’ve always been a Downy user, right? Laundry day will never be complete without my Downy. Rain or shine, I rely on my Downy. These days I’m using Downy Expert Antibac because it has 99% Germ Protection na parang may bagong pinatuyo sa araw. Literally, this is my secret and I think a lot of Downy Mommies, do too.  Even if it rains every day and I just hang our clothes indoors, I don’t have any problems that it will be amoy kulob.
Sharing with you a SMELL TEST that I made with Coco. One towel was washed with detergent only, and another one with detergent and Downy Expert Antibac. Watch the video.

As you can see, Downy Expert Antibac has been tried and tested and it is one of the Downy variants I really trust when it comes with our clothes, especially Coco’s, towels, beddings and curtains, assuring us that our clothes will definitely give us the protection our family needs at this time that we need all the protection that we can get.
Worry away and Power up with Downy this rainy season and smell the difference!
Downy Expert Antibac is available in all leading supermarket nationwide or via SHOPEE.



  1. Downy Antibac has been my go-to variant ever since. I love how it smells and also take comfort in knowing me and my family are protected especially when we need to run errands during this time of pandemic.


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