4D Gummy Brings Mickey Mouse to Life through Gummies

Wanna come inside Mickey’s Clubhouse? Allllll right! I almost forgot! To make the clubhouse appear, yo have to say the magic words Meeska Mooska 4D Gummies Mickey Mouse!!!
4ddisneygummies (9)
Coco loves Mickey Mouse so much. I’m pretty sure, if you’ve been following us for a while now, you’d know how much both Coco and I adore Disney. We both love watching Mickey’s shows in Disney Jr – Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Mickey and the Roadster Racers and Mickey’s Mixed-up Adventures.

That’s why we just couldn’t get over it when we saw these 4D Gummies with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse lifelike shapes because as Coco says, he could play it with his other Disney character figures. And of course, he loves gummies! Who doesn’t right?
4ddisneygummies (2)
It tastes like real mango (Mickey) and peach (Minnie) and it is available in 2 sizes 72g (blue and pink) and 42g (blue, pink, green, red and orange).

Spike up their imagination and creativity while playing and eating this gummies. For one, Coco asked me to help him build his own Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! Imagine that, he even thought of using 4D Gummy Blocks.
4ddisneygummies (3)4ddisneygummies (1)4ddisneygummies (7)

Coco also loves playing with playing with his Mickey and the Roadster Racer cars.. zooming around, having the best time at Hotdoghills and helping out with the Happy Helper!
4ddisneygummies (5)4ddisneygummies (4)4ddisneygummies (6)

Today, I found him playing while eating his favorite 4D Disney Gummies. It seems like they are revved up on to another adventure as 4D Gummy Mickey gets ready for a great ride in his racer car and 4D Gummy Minnie in Donald’s racer car and Coco, he is definitely geared up for fun.4ddisneygummies (1)

Get them now and experience the Disney Magic while eating the 4D Disney Gummies and playing with your favorite Disney toys. Available in all leading groceries and convenience stores.


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