Make your Skin Radiant with Collagen by Watsons

Say hello to a lasting radiance with this new skin care routine infused with collagen, the skin care ingredient renowned for its moisturizing and firming properties - Collagen by Watsons. In this set, I have Collagen By Watsons Moisturizing and Firming Facial Cream, Collagen By Watsons Moisturizing and Firming Toner, Collagen By Watsons Moisturizing and... Continue Reading →

Stay Natural with Deonat

There's so many things I don't like about myself but someone told me that I should love my flaws, because that made me, ME. We have to embrace our flaws to love our self even more. Since then, I #StayNatural in all aspects. I'm never afraid that my imperfections will show and I know I... Continue Reading →

Watson’s Baby Discovery Day

It was a nice day to shop, not only did we got a huge 30% discount when we bought our favorite baby products, especially with our Johnson's Baby essentials, but also because what's more fun that shopping with your girlfriends, right? We all know how we can shop anything we need in Watson's, right? Personal... Continue Reading →

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