Switch and Save with MGX+ by Watsons

Not a day goes by when that I don’t drink coffee or tea. Good thing I found a healthy option for both coffee and tea that could fit in to the healthier lifestyle that I’m trying to live. Not only that I’m not getting any younger, but in this pandemic season that we need to really strengthen our immunity, and care for ourselves more than ever. I’m so happy that I’ve discovered MGX+ Mangosteen Coffee Mix,  Mangosteen Tea Mix with Pandan and MGX+ Capsules. MGX1MGX+ by Watsons mix contains Mangosteen, which is high in essential nutrients and powerful antioxidants. More importantly, because of its antioxidants, it helps in blood sugar control. It also has Vitamin B, Vitamin C and minerals that help boost our immune system.

I’ve noticed how it helps me energized all day, since I have to wear different hats from the moment I wake up til the time I finally sleep. What I love about it more is how it helps with my digestive health and promotes weight loss, as it is rich in fiber.MGX2I may be at home all day, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get tired from all the things I have to juggle. Sometimes, I don’t get to enjoy mealtimes with my family because I am still asleep or I am on a rush. MGX+ has been part of my routine in the last few weeks. It boosted my energy and helped to keeping me healthy, but it reminded me to take it slow and enjoy time with my boy.
MGX+ is by Watsons and it’s only available at @WatsonsPH! Switch to a healthier you and get to save by getting the complete range of #MGXbyWatsons. #SwitchAndSave by getting 40% savings when you buy theme MGX+ Supplements. Imagine it is only P10/capsule, P12/coffee sachet and P24/tea sachet. Check them out at any #WatsonsPH branch nationwide, or at watsons.com.ph.



  1. Mangosteen is high in essential nutrients and powerful antioxidants – Benefits such as anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and so much more! i will checking this at Watson’s. Thank you for the reco.


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