MapapaSARAP to the Stars ka with Topps Sarap

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Do you wonder what you are? No need my little wonder, you will definitely shine so bright in whatever you do, my little Toppstar! Merienda time has always been fun with our favorite chocolate cupcake treat, Topps Sarap!
Say hello to the NEW Topps Sarap Choco with Star Sprinkles, sarap sarap pa rin from bottom to top with its delicious cake, rich and creamy filling plus its thick and yummy frostings. Ngayon, meron na itong star sprinkles na mapapa Sarap To The Stars kang tunay! 🌟 Aside from this, meron ding flavors na Cookie Monster, Yema at Choco & Peanut!
Let’s support our kids as they reach for their Topps Star and discover the magic that they can offer. Check out Topps Sarap’s newest TVC. PS. Featuring my baby girl Astrid and shempre my kumare, Anna ❤

Topps Sarap is available in all leading stores nationwide and via Shopee and Lazada


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