Stay Natural with Deonat

There’s so many things I don’t like about myself but someone told me that I should love my flaws, because that made me, ME.

We have to embrace our flaws to love our self even more.

Since then, I #StayNatural in all aspects. I’m never afraid that my imperfections will show and I know I am still beautiful in my own little way.

My secret to staying clean and fresh all day, despite of this summer heat is my new found friend, Deonat. I’m never afraid of skin irritation and darkening because it has no harmful chemicals!
Hop on to the nearest Watsons branch near you and grab a bottle of this natural! You can also buy online by going to

Deonat Natural Mineral Deodorant Spray 100 ML – P165
Deonat Natural Mineral Deodorant Foot Spray 100 ML – P159



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