Joy Baby Dishwashing Liquid: ang Bagong Baby in the House

Sharing with you all din ang good news!

Isang patak kaya ang isang katutak din for our children’s bottles and meal time stuff! Our most trusted brand for dishwashing, Joy Dishwashing Liquid now has the new Joy Baby Dishwashing Liquid, made especially for our children’s wares.

Thank you Procter and Gamble because we now have something new to trust when it comes to washing our baby’s things. Guaranteed safe to use because it has no heavy perfume, no added dye, no parabens and is recommended by pediatricians.

Sobrang sakto to for us, kasi I don’t need to dilute the normal Joy to wash Coco’s baon stuff to make sure na safe na safe ito to use. I always make sure that  Coco gets the best of the best, that’s why even in dishwashing yung the best din ang para sa kanya.

Joy Baby Dishwashing Liquid is now available in all supermarkets nationwide! Grab yours now!

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22 Responses to Joy Baby Dishwashing Liquid: ang Bagong Baby in the House

  1. Hazel Salcedo says:

    Wow! I’m glad Joy launched this product that’s safe for baby! I’m sure more moms will be happy, especially if they are used to the regular Joy dishwashing liquid na. 🙂

    – Hazel | Hazy Wanders

  2. Gel says:

    Yes to the new #joybaby

  3. Roma says:

    Ang galing ng joy talag!

  4. Evalyn Atayde says:

    Buti naman meron na silang pang baby. Joy all the way na to hehee

  5. Nikki says:

    Love this! Will repurchase

  6. Jean Ricamata says:

    For me napaka useful nito lalo na sa may mga kids ano. Alam mong safe yung hinugasan mo

  7. queenmelish says:

    Isang patak sulit na sulit

  8. Janelle Ferrer says:

    Gamit na namin to momsh! Okay siya. Matipid

  9. Wendyflor says:

    buti may option na para sa mga gamit ng baby. assured ang mga mommies na gentle and safe eto.

  10. mumshienica says:

    Ayos tong bagong product for kids, i always dilute din for my son’s feeding bottles. Will include this on our next grocery lists.

  11. My Onni You says:

    May baby na si Joy. Gusto ko talaga ang joy diswashing liquid kasi matipid kahit isang patak lang.

  12. My Onni You says:

    Yay! May baby na si Joy. Maganda talaga ang joy dishwashing liquid kasi matipid kahit isang patak kayang hugasan ang sangkatutak 😀

  13. Sobrang innovative naman nila! May Joy Baby na pala hihi. I’ll recommend this to my friends with babies!

  14. What an iniative! finally, the have invented this one. Napakahelpful ito sa mga parents.

  15. My family has been using Joy for forever. Didn’t know that they had a product like this, but it’s super nice that they do for all of the mommies out there. Only the best of their babies!!

  16. Adam Belda says:

    Would love to try this one out! Kaso nagkakaubusan kahit Joy ubusan na din sa Puregold the past few days. Sana maka-timing ako na makabili nito.

  17. Adam Belda says:

    Would love to try this one too! Kaso nagkakaubusan na din sa Puregold kahit itong Joy na-ho-hoard na din ata. Sana magkachacne ako matry to.

  18. Janella Herrera says:

    My ate has a 1 month old baby and I would love to recommend this to her. She would be excited try!

  19. iamraediant says:

    May ganyan pala ang Joy nuh? Ang talino! Will reco sa mommy friends ko 🙂

  20. Wow! Joy gamit namin sa bahay, dahil di naman ako nagugrocery, di ko alam na meron na palang Joy Baby. I’ll recommend this sa mga friends with babies!

  21. blair villanueva says:

    This is good and gentle for the baby’s needs. How much per bottle?

  22. There’s specific dishwashing for childrens ware pala! This is great knowing they are much more sensitive with germs and viruses. Will recommend this to my sister. Thanks!

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