Stars Hollow’s Luke’s Diner is in Manila for a day!

Last night, while waiting for our Uber ride (Uber, not Ooober! going to Ortigas, where my mom and sister’s condo is, I freaked out while I was browsing Instagram because of this Netflix ad.


I literally panicked, palpitated, heart raced so fast (not because I drank too much coffee). I knew about the Luke’s Diner pop-up in Manila, but I expected it to be in BGC where some other pop-ups happened. I didn’t expect it in Ortigas. Let alone, be it located at the condo’s next door building. I literally managed to get extra clothes for Coco and I for the impromptu overnight. I wasn’t really planning to sleep there. But I just have to. It was just yesterday when they announced of the date and location of the pop-up.

My mom and my cranky son tagged along with me to the pop up. When I saw the cafe, line was already starting and it even started to rain. They left me in line and found an available seat (they didn’t know that those seats were only for media guests teehee!). When it was my turn, I ordered some food (which was for to-go since only media guests can stay in) and free coffee. I was asked for stubs, but we weren’t given anything. The kind staff got ours. It was a choice of Flat White (with milk) or Long Black (brewed) – but of course, I had mine with milk. It’s my first time to have coffee at

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