Annie, The Musical

My son started to like the song, “Tomorrow” when it was sang by one of the contestants of The Voice Kids. I also had him watch/listen the other Annie Songs via Youtube, like Hardknock Life and Maybe. He loved them. Annie has been one of my favorite stories as a child. So, I also wanted him to watch the musical now that it is running in RWM.

The little girl, Isabeli Araneta-Elizalde, who played Annie was so perfect. My son was enjoying until Miss Hannigan came out. He hated him, “She is so bad and scary mommy”. He wanted to leave the theater and go home every time Miss Hannigan comes out. I had to distract him from being scared and cranky every time. But he loved every time the kids come out, especially during the Hard knock life number and of course, during Annie’s Tomorrow number.

Anyway, we actually made it to the end so at least we survived, even though he was almost crying during Miss Hannigan’s very long scene with her brother, Rooster and his girlfriend, Lily.

Annie is full of joy, full of heart, full of hope and full of positivity – she says, “The sun’ll come out, tomorrow” as we stick up our chin and grin!

PS. Hi-res pics from RWM

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