Team CarloHolix Gift Giving & Christmas Party

Earlier this year when “We Will Survive” aired, Kuya’s new fan-based was founded. Well, he’s one of the best ’90’s teen actor during my generation, I’m pretty sure he has lots of fans but since this generation is more focus on loveteams and newbies, his fanbase was no where to be seen, not until WWS.

For their Christmas Party, they decided to celebrate it in an orphanage in Pampanga for gift giving and celebrating Christmas with the kids.

The kids welcomed us with song and dance numbers before we ate lunch, played games and finally, the gift giving.

The last part of our program was when we called the kids by group, according to birth month and sang “Happy Birthday” for them. They don’t celebrate their birthdays, they never celebrate it. At the end, we all blew the candles with them.

It’s been a while since I last did something like this, and it gave me a fulfilled feeling, especially that we did it right before Christmas. Thank you Team CarloHolix for initiating this deed. Thank you as well to all those who shared their blessings for the kids! Job well done Team CarloHolix!

Children’s Home of Eucharistic Love and Kindness is located at Rue de Paree extension, Telebastagan, City of San Fernando, Pampanga.
Join Team CarloHolix here.


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