Christmas Spirit

Now that we moved to our new place, one that I feel contented, homey and happy, I am now in the mood for a little Christmas-y feel in our home. It will be our first one in this place. Coco has been requesting me to put up a Christmas Tree as well. I was hesitant at first, but oh well, here it is, your wish is my command my little prince.
He was asleep when I decorated our tree. I’ve been dreaming of putting up my old McDonald’s Happy Meal toys and finally, I got to do it. I feel that it’s not really for Coco, but for me. Imagine, these toys are already more than 2 decades!
Here’s also a picture of our living room. It’s simple and manageable. It’s cozy, bright and spacious. It’s perfect for us.
Hope we be bless with good vibes, in our new place! ❤


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