Superdudes Christmas 2016, the Aftermath

It’s the time of the year, when I get so excited with Hi-5 shows in SM Megamall. But it’s different this year. There was no SM Megamall Hi-5 show, but there’s Stevie’s Superdudes mall shows. What pumped me up was when I got to join Stevie’s crew here for this 9 day shows in Manila.

It was 9 days of “work” that doesn’t look like “work” at all. I handled the Superdudes merchandise and assisted when needed.

I met lots of parents and kids who were super excited to meet Stevie and the Superdudes crew, from all walks of life. I got to talk to little super dudes with awe in their faces.

I got to bring Coco in some shows, one that doesn’t require me to purchase anything at all (except when I got him his own cape and mask). Thank you for always welcoming him, Stevie! I got “backstage passes” and good mornings from the crew. And lastly, I earned new friends from our awesome Superdudes crew.

During our last day, the SM Megamall shows, that’s when I felt goosebumps. It really felt surreal. For 2 years, I lined up the earliest to get tickets, or purchase whatever to be able to redeem tickets, arrived SM Mega early to get first dibs on the best seat or meet and greet. But yesterday, I was inside SM Mega even before it opened. I was there because I have to set up my stuff and make sure we already have everything we need before the cast arrives. I didn’t have purchase anything to watch, or line up early to get first dibs. I was at the back though, and I was an “insider”.

It felt different but I am happy. I wanted everyone to come in and experience watching the Superdudes show. If I only had the power to do so, I’d do that. But SM Mega has strict mechanics and I can’t do anything about it. Not until I have this last one pass. It’s either I sell it with a copy of the book or none. I don’t want it wasted. The show was almost over, and I saw two little girls who really wanted to come in. My maternal instinct kicked in, I gave that last pass to them. The smile on the girls’ faces were my fulfillment. I am privileged enough already, why not share it to others right? I felt SUPER after that.

11 shows, 1 workshop, 6 malls (one of which is a roadtrip to Subic), 1 hotel, 2 Christmas Tree lightings, 6 cast members, 7 songs, 4 local crews – one awesome team!

Thank you Stevie for welcoming me to your team. it wasn’t really the extra that I will received after, it was the experience that I shared with you and everyone in our team. It was the fulfillment that I felt upon seeing every parents and kids’ glow in their faces after watching your shows and after having met you and the crew. It was the same feeling I knew I had before, when I was also just like them, so excited to meet you. Thank you for being awesome, and for being one of the people at Coco look up to. We will always support you, even after Hi-5.

Thank you Nick, Allyce, Simon (and Sarah) and Uncle Glen. Thankful to have met each of you beyond your Superdudes costumes. You are all amazing!

Thank you Mark and Einj – I rarely get to really be friends with my “former” workmates, but I’m glad that I got to earn two new ones in the span of 9 days and I pray it won’t end there. Thank you for helping me out in times of need. Hi Bimbo too! You guys are as awesome as the cast!

Till our next adventure!

Sharing a sneak peak of one of the shows. sorry for the quality, don’t know whay it was uploaded that way. =(


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