Daddy’s Carbon Copy?

I wasn’t supposed to “see” Coco until we hit 30 weeks for the 4D Ultrasound (which will be in 2 weeks). But since I was required to have 2D- Biophysical Profile Scoring, I had the first of the 4 required 2D’s yesterday.

Happy that he got the perfect score for the BPS which is 8/8.
AND! I saw his face today, that it melted my heart.

And can I just share, I was waking up Jhe this morning and it was kinda hard to wake him up. He even tried to cover his face. When I saw it, I immediately took his picture. I compared it to Coco’s latest ultrasound pic. And can I just say, carbon copy! They definitely look like each other.
Do you agree? 🙂


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