False Alarm it is!

Check up day lang ako last week at 35 weeks then because of my regular contractions and 1-2 cm opened cervix, I was confined for 2 days and had an IV of Isoxilan for 22 hours. Today, I had my 2D BPS at Delos Santos Megaclinic; that I need to bring the results for my... Continue Reading →

A Charmer in the Making

Another 2D Sesh today with Baby Coco who was very makulit. I bet when this little boy grows up, he will be a certified charmer. As early as now, he loves making "pa-cute" already. The sonologist can't help but make a big fuss over this little boy's smile. He's a bit diagonal in position here.... Continue Reading →

Daddy’s Carbon Copy?

I wasn't supposed to "see" Coco until we hit 30 weeks for the 4D Ultrasound (which will be in 2 weeks). But since I was required to have 2D- Biophysical Profile Scoring, I had the first of the 4 required 2D's yesterday. Happy that he got the perfect score for the BPS which is 8/8.... Continue Reading →

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