False Alarm it is!

Check up day lang ako last week at 35 weeks then because of my regular contractions and 1-2 cm opened cervix, I was confined for 2 days and had an IV of Isoxilan for 22 hours.

Today, I had my 2D BPS at Delos Santos Megaclinic; that I need to bring the results for my follow up check up at St. Luke’s right after. Of course, very good results. Even my AFI decreased from last Thursday’s UTZ. Coco is already 6.3 lbs.

Because the UTZ equipment used during my session was new and for demo, my sonologist tried using the 3D4D on me. Right there and then, once his face was closed up in the screen, my little boy smiled at us for 3 times. I couldn’t help but have a big smile on my face too. His cheeks are very chubby and you can really see na baby na baby na talaga siya. I can’t wait to hold him na! Grabe, he’s such a charmer!
At St. Luke’s, as usual, I was in the admitting room having my NST. As far as I know I am okay. My contractions were lesser the last few days. Then the resident DR’s were already telling me about being admitted (again) because of my regular contractions seen in the fetal monitor as well as my already 2-3cm opened cervix. Grabe. I was shocked and scared and what. The resident was already telling me when I asked if it will progress ba agad agad, and he said yes and we have to let go of the baby already, meaning I could give birth today. I don’t like the idea because I feel okay and my baby is still at his 36th week and I was supposed to give birth in 2 weeks pa. Tita Menie (my OB) was in a CS operation that time that’s why she wasn’t able to attend to me when I came for my check up. When she arrived, she IE’d me again and said, it’s not yet 3cm and she told me she will still allow me to go home today. But if within this week something labor like happens, I should tell her right away and we will deliver the baby. If not, I’ll have my NST at SL-Global (since that’s the hospital we chose to deliver Coco, so in case, no more transfers needed from QC to Taguig) on Monday so when something like awhile ago happens again, we will deliver the baby already.

The funny thing is, because I was already crying, confused, shocked of what the resident drs told me, my mom called my sister to bring the baby’s things plus the camera and baby book and they will both go to the hospital already. They were there in an hour. So fast. They were already in panic. But then, false alarm! LOL


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