Coco’s Almost Real Face aka 4D Ultrasound

Today marked Coco’s 30th week in my growing belly, thus we were scheduled for our 4D Ultrasound.

Since Jhe is out of town, we thought he wouldn’t be able to join us for this much awaited session. But God is on our side, because his boss let them go home yesterday!

Baby was kind of big already but since I still have enough amniotic fluid, he was in position, awake and in the mood to make kulit, thus, he was very cooperative! Here are few of my favorite shots!

1. His side view. His nose, he got from the daddy, his lips, he got from me.
 photo 2-3.jpg
2. Towards the end of the session, he was kinda tired and sleepy already that he started to yawn.
 photo 4-1.jpg
3. We still continue with the viewing even though he already sent signs that he was already sleepy. So he covered his face, and then we can’t see anything anymore. LOL. Just like how mommy sleeps!
 photo 5-2.jpg
4. But before he got all sleepy. He first flashed us with his “million dollar smile”. Ohhhh it definitely melted our hearts, right there and then.
 photo 1-1.jpgAnd I bet every time I’ll look at this picture, it will always brighten up my day.

PS. I think I got the best 4D deal at Delos Santos Megaclinic at SM Megamall. No scheduled appointments needed – first come, first serve basis. Came in early, so I was the first one. Very kind, careful, sweet sonologist, Dra. Shelma Ramos. Unlimited video and pictures in CD, 20 printed shots in thermal paper. Water for those who are thirsty, WIFI for waiting. At least 30 minutes waiting time for the CD and ultrasound report to be prepared – all for P3,300!

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