Just like Living a Rural Life in Villa Escudero

Date: April 17, 2012

It was a 2-hour trip passing Alaminos and San Pablo City proper, upon seeing the Quezon Arch, their lies the huge coconut plantation and also a resort, Villa Escudero (Tiaong, Quezon).

We were welcomed by coconut trees, carabaos and cows in the field, then in the reception hall, by the warm greeting of the staff dressed in rural/native costumes and as well as a glass of sago’t gulaman.

Day tour rate is at 1,250/pax on a weekday.

We boarded our carabao-drawn cart (ours is named Mahinhin) to tour us around and bring us to Labasin Falls Restaurant for lunch (the resort’s main attraction).

We feasted on local dishes served in banana leaves as plates such as vegetable salad/ensalada, liempo, inihaw na isda, ginataang pakbet, pancit bihon, sabaw in a bao as a bowl, lechon manok, kaldereta, and banana cue for dessert (drinks for an extra fee).

With the man-made waterfalls as background, our dining table in the middle of a forest-like, refreshing spring water running over our feet while eating, we are definitely in for a treat.

We went back the area of the Reception Hall, now riding Carabao Ligaya with us are town folks serenading us with some olden love songs.

We passed by the main house of the Escudero’s and also a huge “Mary and the Secret Garden type” of garden minus the tall walls and then an old church which was made into a museum that contains the private collections of the Escudero’s from all their travels here and abroad. There were porcelain wares, costumes, religious artifacts,
preserved animals, world war relics, old peso bills and more.

There were other amenities and recreational activities to enjoy. But we didn’t use it since we had to head back to Manila.

If you want to feel rich Philippine culture and heritage, country/rural life setting, experience Villa Escudero and you’ll definitely have one.

Visit their website at: http://www.villaescudero.com/
or contact them at (632) 521-0830/523-0392/523-2944

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