Zoobic Safari

Date: April 18, 2012

Zoobic Safari, a wildlife amusement park, is located at the Forest Adventure Park of Subic Bay Freeport Zone (Zambales), only 3 hours away from Manila. Of all the zoos I’ve been to, I believe that this is the best one yet in the Philippines, for even an adult like me will still enjoy.

I’ve already visited the place way back in 2007 with my family. It’s my first time to visit a zoo with a toddler in hand. It’s actually a different experience comparing it when you’re with adults and bigger kids.

Here are the rates (you will purchase at the ticket booth and they will instruct you to go to the Pavillion for the orientation
with the designated tour guide.

While waiting for our tour guide to complete her batch for the tour, you can already see a number of tigers in their cage plus
other animals loitering around.

You can also take a picture with the baby tiger and have it printed, ranges to 240-540php.

Once the tour group is all set, we then went to the Zoobic Park, which is a petting zoo.
This is like a walk in a tropical jungle where you can see or interact with different kinds of animals like
feeding of the birds, bearcat and camels, ducks, miniature horses, monkeys, eagle, carabao, lion and lioness, deer and many more.
Then we walk through the Serpentarium area where we could find snakes, lizards and other reptiles.

We then have to ride the tram to bring us to the Tiger Safari ride, which is the highlight of this trip.
The group will be divided into small groups that will fit the jeepney and they ask your group to move to a caged jeepney.
To make the experience much more exciting, you and your group could share on a 200php worth of whole chicken to entice the
tiger to come near your jeepney and even hop on top and looks through the glass part of the jeepney’s roof.
Imagine you are just a few inches away from the tiger and you see how it hungrily eats the meat that was given to him.

After transferring back to the tram, you will be brought to the Close Encounter where you will find more tigers and lions. The next
stop will be the Savannah where you’ll find ostriches, pot bellied pigs, and more, scattered and loitering the place. The next stop
will be the Muzooeum of bones and off to the Aeta’s trail where our fellow Aetas will entertain you with a few dance presentations.
The final and last stop will be the Croco Loco where you can feed the crocodiles.

It was fun considering we had a almost 2 years old toddler in tow. She was not bored during the almost 3 hours duration of the tour. She only got bored in the Muzooeum. She had fun feeding the love birds and the camels. She wanted to touch the deer and feed the goat but there was no one to supervise us with the goats. She enjoyed watching the crocodiles (because she loves crocodiles!) fight for their food from the other kids who play with them. I love watching the awe in her face when she sees the different animals that she used to see just in books. This kid really loves animals, especially those eeky ones. LOL.

Don’t forget to bring water, extra shirt and towel since this is an outdoor activity and could be very hot with the weather we have now.


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